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Canfor Southern Pine - Remote Access Portal


This access portal is for the sole use of Canfor Southern Pine - New South Companies, Inc. employees and authorized service personnel only.
Connection information (such as your IP address) is logged when connecting to this resource. If you are not authorized to connect, please exit now.
Web eMail Access:
OWA Click here or on the icon at left to access the Canfor Southern Pine Outlook Web email - use your Domain Account and Password to login.
VPN Portals - Windows XP, Windows Vista or Windows 7 Users:

OpenVPN and Watchguard install software on the workstation. Once installed, you need not revisit this page to access them.
Click the appropriate link to access their installation and pertinent setup information.


WatchGuard Watchguard

VPN Portals - Windows XP Users ONLY:

These Netgear Portals operate via your Web Browser - which must remain open once connected. They are active and secure but have expired certificates (no longer available). Simply click "Continue to this website" to go to the login page.

Netgear Portals 1, 2 & 3 are available for your use. Should one be non-responsive, please try the alternate or you may use OpenVPN or Watchguard solutions.

NetGear SSL312 NetGear VPN - Portal 1

NetGear SSL312 NetGear VPN - Portal 2

NetGear SSL312 NetGear VPN - Portal 3 (I.T. Exclusive)

If you have not used the VPN before, please click here.
You will need to sign in with your network username and password
to view the help page.