CSP Image   Canfor Southern Pine Remote Access Portals - (VPN1, VPN2 & VPN3)

NOTE: OpenVPN is installed on the workstation and runs in the system tray. Once installed, you need not revisit this page. You may run OpenVPN from the desktop or from the system tray.

OpenVPN Setup:

1. Click on this link http://ra.canforsouthernpine.com/OpenVPN-Client and click run in the dialog box.

2. Run through the installer until complete. (Installer Steps 1 & 2 are "one time" steps. At Installer Step 3, you will need instructions below in Step 5)

3. Launch the OpenVPN Client program (It will automatically open if the check box is checked on the final installation window).

4. There are three OpenVPN Gateway Servers or Portals for your use. If one should not respond, please try the other.

5. Defining the Gateway Servers/Portals. (Once entered and used, these will be stored for future use)

5a. Enter vpn1.canforsouthernpine.com in the server address blank and click "Connect" OR

5b. Enter vpn2.canforsouthernpine.com in the server address blank and click "Connect" OR

5c. Enter vpn3.canforsouthernpine.com in the server address blank and click "Connect".

6. Enter your normal Canfor username and password and click Login.

6a. For Security Reasons, it is recommended you not select "Remember Password"

6b. Select "Always" on the Certificate Warning

All done! You’re connected.

OpenVPN Use:

1. Simply click the OpenVPN icon from the Start Menu or from the System Tray

2. Select the Gateway Server/Portal and click Connect

3. Enter your Canfor Domain User ID and Password and Click Login

4. Remember to "Disconnect" your OpenVPN client tunnel when you are finished with your work.